Welcome to the 'A Week in the Life' 16-2 online global project

A Flat Connections Project for students of around age 8-12
‘A Week in the Life...’ is part of the Flat Connections group of global projects.

The aim of this project is also to explore global issues and to foster meaningful discussion and sharing between students. Outcomes will include student-driven solutions shared through creative use of technology.

THEME: What does it mean to be a citizen of the world?

Essential questions we aim to answer:

  1. What are essential issues and challenges to do with being a citizen of the world?
  2. What are the similarities and differences to do with global citizenship around the world (including digital citizenship)?
  3. How can we connect with each other through our differences and commonalities?
  4. How does your geography, history and lifestyle of where you live impact your global understanding?
  5. What are essential solutions to researched global issues and how can we share these?

Project Classrooms

Teachers are asked to add their school and class details to the table below.

Country, School, Teachers

School Logo

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Singapore American School
Dan Gach and Jill Carpenter

SAS logo.png

UTC +7
Yew Wah International Education School of Yantai
Josh Young and Amy Yang
YWIES Logo.png
UTC +8

Wilderness School
Lauren Thorn and Genevieve Corbo
Large - Wilderness Logo - Blue.png
UTC +10:30
The United States of America
Jaindl Elementary School
Samantha Ding and Andrew McGinniss

Flat Connections Group.jpg
Shorecrest Preparatory School
Jane Boarman

Chipeta Elementary School
Amanda Swihart