All teachers are encouraged to run a 'Student Summit' as a culmination of the A Week in the Life project.

A 'Student Summit' is where students present their learning to others in real time while in a virtual classroom.


We encourage you to prepare students to speak at the summit. There may not be time for every student to speak but we would like to see every school available join in.
To support understanding and communication we ask that you and the students create some PPT slides. Students usually create collages of their experiences (images, words) - or if short of time you could create ONE slide that represents your school and your students could speak with that up. Personalised slides are the ideal - but we know there is little time. You may want to take screenshots of the Voicethread slides and speak to these as well.

Whatever you can put together please email PPT slides or separate images to me no later than an hour before we are to start the summit. I will compile and have ready.

Students are encouraged to be reflective and positive about their CCC experiences and learning while at the same time sharing the challenges they faced while in the collaborative. You may wish to include some images of Skype sessions and students talk about those interactions - I know these were a highlight.
It is always a good idea to ask students to rehearse beforehand.

In addition, Fuze will be our venue - and you can have students enter individually if they have a device, or you can login as a class and have the meeting projected on a wall. Make sure you are connected to speakers so everyone can hear - AND make sure you are able to mute your microphone as needed - these large events we often get initial feedback and audio issues.

Singapore American School Student Summit January 12, 2017
Thank you to Mr Gach for preparing SAS students fro the summit.
Thank you also to Mr Young and students at Yew Wah school in Yantai China for joining in the summit and interacting with SAS students.
Screenshot 2017-01-12 17.47.16.png

Shorecrest and Jaindl Summit - February 6

Screenshot 2017-02-07 05.38.33.png

Screenshot 2017-02-07 05.41.16.png